We offer you a labeling news webservice

You may want to offer to your customers on your page a channel about labeling news, or perhaps you would like to offer labeling news for another process.

You can add value to your products / services with relevant news from the world of labeling, and ... without moving a finger!

Now for this you just need to connect to our labeling channel webservice, we do the job of inserting the news for you and your clients!

Two are the possible webservice formats we offer: both json and xml are available. Just include in the request the format in which you want to receive the response.

So the question is: What do you need in order to implement this channel? It is very simple! Only the endpoint and our apikey!
We give you here the endpoint, you just need to request us an apikey through the contact form and you will be able to start offering to your customers / services an information service of the world of labeling without worrying about looking for them.

The webservice is in REST format, and the request must be sent using POST method. Please contact for more information

In the image, a Json answer sample from our webservice

Endpoint: http://www.bugallo.net/news_ws.php Request your API Key!