Logimat 2019 - visit to Logimat

During the past February 19, 20 and 21 I was in Logimat, in the fair dedicated to logistics and all the processes related to it, among which are the packaging and labeling.

The fair took place in Stuttgart, in the fairground that is annexed to the airport. For visitors who arrive by plane and intend to make a one-day visit, or those who do not plan to leave the site and stay in any of the dedicated hotels, this makes your location very comfortable.

I made a base in the city of Stuttgart, so in the early hours of the morning I used to take a S-Bahn on lines 2 or 3, which leaves you from the Stuttgart central station at the fair in about 25 minutes. The fair opens its doors at 9 o'clock in the morning and closes at 17 o'clock so in the afternoon we have to do the reverse trip.

Of the three days of the fair, the first was the one that had fewer visitors despite the fact that the visitors number was already high, and the next two were really overflowing with people so it can be said that the fair was a success for the organizers and a great opportunity for all the companies that came to her.

Of the 10 pavilions that made up the fair, pavilions 6 mainly, 4 and a part of the East entrance were where there were companies related to our sector so they were the pavilions where I moved the most.

As soon as you arrive you can save waiting time and go to the direct entrance door if you have your ticket printed, in the hall there is a large closet to leave your warm clothes and even your suitcase, which is great if the last day you go directly to the plane or to the train station without having to go through the hotel, or if you only make a day trip to squeeze it in a concentrated way.

Once inside I went directly to pavilion 6, which as I mentioned is the pavilion I was most interested in visiting. Upon entering, the stands of Cab, Honeywell, TSC, Toshiba, and Sato greeted you, being a good indicator of how positive these events are for companies in the sector. At the bottom of the same pavilion was Godex, with a very nice motorhome! And in the center of the pavilion were Brother, Epson, Zebra (with a very full stand and full of commercials), Bixolon, ... At the entrance This Quicklabel demonstrated its power in color printing. And of course, NiceLabel also had its stand with a number of business partners. But the following companies called my attention especially:

  • Honeywell attended the event to show the public their latest advances in readers, portable and desktop printers. The portable printers, which are not supported (yet;)) in the designer of Bugallo Label Editor, will go very well together in a joint system.

  • Cab, showed us their print-apply systems and several models of printers, but also as it happened with Zebra, throughout the fair service companies and related integrations had in their systems a Cab printer. Squix, Eos, Hermes + were some of the magical models they showed us.

  • Toshiba Tec showed us on its stand some of its latest desktop printers, but also three portable printers that can go very well accompanied by Bugallo Label Editor and make a perfect portable system such as the interesting B-FP3D that I had the opportunity to discover.

  • Sato had in its stand also many portable printers and more systems, being also an opportunity that the application and these portable printers go hand in hand.

  • Bixolon showed us among other things, its portable printers, small size and tickets. Among some of its models, the ZPL protocol is directly supported so I will evaluate its inclusion as soon as I can.

  • In the nice Godex motorhome, which starts in the family to the world of identification, you could see desktop printers with applicators and wide head printers demonstrating their power in the labeling of chemicals and their pictograms. This time they did not bring any portable printers that I was interested in.

  • Novexx showed desktop printers, print apply and a new applicator that was a robotic arm, and with hand and "fingers" picked up the label at the exit of the printer printhead to apply it in the box as if the hand of a man were treated. A very interesting system!

  • TSC came to the fair mainly with desktop and industrial printers. The also have a line of portable printers.

  • Quicklabel demonstrated its power in color printing at the East entrance.

  • Brother demonstrated his new line of advanced portable printers, and a range of small desktop printer that also supports ZPl, already jumping to larger dimensions. The main incoviente of Brother is the personalization of many conditions for each model of printer that they have, for what implementnto ZPL or standardizing, they have this solved.

  • Hanheld in Hall 4 demonstrated its line of products that could be interesting to combine in a kit with the application, as it could happen with Zebra, Honeywell ... and many others.

  • And Zebra in the center of pavilion 6, with many commercials available to the public and a large variety of hand terminals mainly, but also portable printers, desktop printers.

  • But there were also many other interesting companies such as Bluhm systeme, Topex, Toko, Vilant, Zetes, Barcodat...

  • In summary, we value the visit to Logimat as something very positive and necessary for a company in the sector. In addition to having the opportunity to speak, contrast opinions and seek new possibilities with representatives of these companies, we come back with new challenges, opportunities and learning to improve the experience of our common clients.
    It also gives a realistic approach to your position beyond your aseptic work environment or development, focuses on the direction of progress and opens new doors to opportunities and knowledge by being in contact with both suppliers and customers. Therefore I will try to be in new similar events, I have returned enthusiastic with being able to apply soon the opportunities and knowledge obtained.