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Barcode label printing Android app, validated by Zebra

Bugallo Label Editor

Bugallo Label Editor is a full designing studio for creating labels on Android devices. Providing full portability in those scenarios in which it is necessary to be independent of the PCs, and allowing to design your labels on Android and print them on your label printer in a completely portable way.

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We are a Diamond Bixolon ISV software vendor

Bugallo is a Bixolon Diamond ISV and Zebra registered ISV software vendor

We are a Zebra registered ISV software vendor

Android Label Designer

Wether you need to print labels in a delocalised way, or you love portability, or you like to move towards the future with the new devices or maybe in your scenario you cannot use personal computers for labeling, if you feel that you can do everything with your Android device, wether a tablet or a mobile phone, this is your site, this is your software. We work to provide a quality and autonomous labeling environment. Are not you going to try it?

Latest app updates


Version 3.42 includes support for Topex printers


Version 3.4 includes brands: Altec, Brady, Citizen, Novexx, Quicklabel and TSC. Added DPMIV for Carl Valentin


Version 3.37 includes support for Brother high range printers

Latest demo


Bugallo label editor printing on a Sato PW208NX by Bluetooth, wonderfull for an autonomous printing on warehouses, stores...

Logimat 2019: Our visit to Logimat

We have made an article telling how our experience in Logimat has been. We discovered the global trends in identification and were in contact with our suppliers in order to improve your experience with our systems

Labelling news

Through our application and our website you can be updated with the news of the world of labeling. Here the lastest:

Guideline on the packaging information of medicinal products for humans authorised by the European Union


The guideline provide information on the items required by some Member States under Article 57 and also on the additional items included in the labelling in order to ensure that these are in conformity with the legislative provisions.

Validated by Zebra

Our app has been validated by Zebra. After a validation work in which the Zebra engineers reviewed the operation of the application we have obtained the validation certificate which means that we satisfy the quality requirements that Zebra requests. But we are also compatible with Argox, Bixolon, Cab, Carl Valentin, Godex, Honeywell, Intermec, Sato and TEC, and we are working to increase this list!

Free barcode reader

Uniting technologies! In how many labeling scenarios do barcode readers and label printers come together? Our reader is the camera of the device! With our app we reduce the size and cost of your PC labeling system + barcode reader to just one Android device. But maybe you can imagine further scenarios we can build together. Yo can try the function 'Read And Print'

Share labels

Whether you want to share label designs between different stores/warehouses in your company, or if you want to share them between client-provider, you can use our app to do so. For this we provide the function of managing labels from FTP servers. You just have to choose your FTP server, the rest is done by Bugallo Label Editor

Supported by Xunta de Galicia

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