Bugallo Label Editor - from home users to great business we have something for you

From home users to big industry, Bugallo Label Editor can cover your labeling needs. We have users of all types, we propose some options, but we can also study your case and make an integration proposal. Here are some cases:

Software developers

Has your company developed an application and do you need to print labels in an Android environment? Do you want to save costs and avoid the investment in developing a driver for label printing? Then "Bugallo Label Editor" can help you. Save costs associated with development time by using our application as a driver for a label printer by automating background printing with our app! See all supported label printer models

Home users

Perhaps you have a small label printer in your home with which you label your children's notebooks, the shipments you make .. We can help you! Our app fits perfectly with all these small tasks!


In your store you need to label the products, the price or the composition of them. We have product databases to facilitate that with just a label design you just select which product you want to label, and the rest of the information of the label is automatically covered from your selection.


Maybe you go with your truck loaded with sausages, vegetables, crepes, from town to town, and you have a small portable label printer... Always carrying your phone with you, labeling now will be as easy as installing the application, you do not need any big device to label the products you sell!

Shellfish water treatment plant

In wet environments with sea water, everything spoils quickly. Generally, label printers are quite hard, but computers are short-lived. Take advantage of Bugallo Label Editor and print with a tablet, it is also tactile and the gloves of the operators will not fill the keyboard with water! As in the case of stores, you can take advantage of the fact that we provide database management to create different products and automatically select them

Reprinting labels from a barcode

Do you need to reprint labels from a barcode? This, for example, is very common in the pharmaceutical industry. Until now, it was necesary to acquire a barcode reader and adapt the labeling software to capture the readed code, it became complicated. With Bugallo Label Editor you save costs because the reader is the camera of your Android device, and the software comes with that built-in function!

Different warehouses / stores / offices where you would like to use the same labels

Besides being able to serve labels from a LAN, we also provide integration with FTP servers, Bugallo Label Editor manages the connection with the FTP server so that your labels can be shared between different parts of your company, it doesn't matter if they are in the next street, or they are in the other side of the world.

Customers who want their suppliers to use their exact labels

Are you a demanding customer and up until now you had to continually validate and unify the labels that your suppliers send you? Well this has its days numbered, you design your labels with Bugallo Label Editor and give your FTP data to your providers so that they from their companies can print the labels that you have designed. There will be no more deviations between the label designs that you receive from your multiple suppliers, labels which should be identical! Also, in case you prefer that they design, we have put an option 'Send preview by whatsapp or email' so that you receive the design of the label and can give the go-ahead to your provider.


In how many cases a courier needs to reprint a ZPL file but for some reason can not reprint with the system. We have two good features to help you with this, reprinting PC templates for reprinting templates from your device, and reprinting online labels in which they pass the link to the label, so you courier can reprint it on your printer easily with your phone.

Big industry

Although it can be installed on small devices, we are a great application that we already have users in the industry. We provide portability so that a user can print from any part of his factory carrying the labeling environment in his pocket

Request a study and budget to adapt to your company

Maybe you have special features so you do not find something that fits you perfectly. Ask us for an adaptation study and budget and we will prepare it for you with pleasure

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