Create your branded version and distribute the app

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

We believe that synergies are the way to achieve the highest goals. Therefore, the distribution license will be available shortly so that Bugallo and its distributors can reach our goals together.
What does this imply? Distributors may acquire a distribution license, establish the corporate image of the application and sell / subscribe to their clients at the price they deem appropriate. The steps to achieve this are being established, but approximately the following:

1 - Customization

The distributor creates for himself a subscription account on the website, and uploads to the page the logo / banner that will appear on the application with his corporate image.

Your logo in the app

2 - Activating the distributor license

The distributor subscribes to the distribution license through the form of the available licenses of the app. The price of this license will be indicated in that list and the payment will be managed by Google as it happens with the licenses of direct clients.
This license does not have a trial period, since the functions of the professional license can and must be tested free of charge with the test days established before hiring a distributor license.
With this, the distributor obtains credentials that will be used to activate the app (a maximum number of times) to the clients to whom it is sold.

3 - Distributing to their customers

The distributor distributes the app, activating the functions of the same with its credentials (the functions obtained by both the distributor and its customers are equivalent to the professional subscription) so that the distributor charges its customers the price it deems appropriate and in the format you deem appropriate (subscription / definitive license) As long as the distributor's license is active, your clients' license will be too.

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