Bugallo Label Editor App - Android label editor specifications

General specifications

Bugallo Label Editor is a full designing studio for creating labels on Android devices, providing full portability in those scenarios in which it is necessary to be independent of the PCs, now you can design your labels on Android and print them on your label printer in a completely portable way.

Android designer

Android driver for your app

Has your company developed an application and do you need to print labels in an Android environment? Do you want to save costs and avoid the investment in developing a driver for label printing? Then "Bugallo Label Editor" can help you. Save costs associated with development time by using our application as a driver for a label printer by automating background printing with our app! See all supported label printer models

Supported printers

Bugallo Label Editor is aimed to label printers. The app is supporting most of the printer models of the most popular label printer brands, and validated by Zebra!:


· 4Barcode
· Altec
· Argox
· BeePrt
· Bixolon
· Brady
· Brother
· Cab
· Carl Valentin
· Citizen
· Dascom
· Datamax - Datamax O'Neil
· Datecs
· Epson
· Godex
· GPrinter
· HellermannTyton
· Honeywell
· Image
· Intermec
· Milestone
· Novexx
· NVSElectronis
· Quicklabel
· Rongta
· Sato
· Topex
· Toshiba TEC
· TVS Electronics
· Wincode
· XPrinter
· Zebra

... android label printing

Communication App->Printer

Currently the app is supporting the main and modern portable wireless connections directly to the printers, but also wired by using both USB OTG cable (direct Android-Printer USB communication) or the old parallel and serial connections using the intermediate application Wincentral for Windows O.S.

What is Wincentral? Wincentral is an intermediate tool that helps you both communicating with old printer ports like serial or parallel by using a intermediate computer as bridge, and also importing databases created in computers running Windows O.S.


· Wireless Ethernet
· Wired Ethernet
· Bluetooh
· Bluetooth Smart (Only for Zebra)
· USB (Using an OTG cable)


· Serial (RS232)
· Parallel (LPT)

Multiple field types

As suposed in a designer we are supporting multiple field types like single texts, paragraphs, shapes (lines, squares, rectangles, circles, ellipses..), pictures / logos, and of course barcodes. Texts and paragraphs can be set using your voice (depending on your device), so you will have some help if you want to use a small device


· EAN8 and EAN13
· ITF14
· Code39
· Codabar
· Code 128 (Auto and A/B/C subtypes) and GS1128
· QR
· Datamatrix
· PDF417

Configure fields as variables

Both if you are using a barcode, a text or a paragrapah, you can configure its content dynamic. For this purpose we offer several variable types. In case of databases you can edit them directly on the device or import them from a computer using Wincentral.


· Direct value / Fixed value
· Date / Time - Date with offset
· Input value
· Database
· List
· Checkdigit
· Barcode readed (read and print function)
· Field link

Our special and unique functions

We are offering special functions, which no other labeling software is using. And we will be increasing them

· Read And Print:
· Read a barcode with the cam and fill the variables with the captured data
· Template reprinting
· Save templates designed in other sofwate in the memory of the device, and reprint them with the app
· Online reprint
· Reprint a template which is stored online
· Share labels between devices/warehouses/offices
· Store the labels in a FTP server, the app will manage them for you

Compatibility with other labeling software

The app offers you compatibility with GoLabel (Godex Intl) software for Windows OS. So you can design on Windows the labels and import them on the mobile device. After importing the labels designed with GoLabel in the app, you will be able to modify the label design also on the device using Bugallo Label Editor. This is full compatibility with GoLabel.

Also from any labeling software you can export templates, store them in your device (or also upload them to internet) and reprint them with Bugallo Label Editor at any time.